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The last thread was getting a little cluttered, so here's a new one!… - I solemnly swear ... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ask the marauders

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[Feb. 21st, 2005|06:24 pm]
Ask the marauders

The last thread was getting a little cluttered, so here's a new one!

Once again, free-for-all:  ask for advice, information, or just any silly questions you happen to think of.

Active characters:
All four Marauders:  lune_papier , therebel_prince , agent_prongsie , 1980pettigrew
Lily, Alice, Frank:  lily_ceadsearc , a_mad_teaparty , _frankly_mydear
Lucius, Regulus:  bucketsofangst , theotherblack
The Prewett Brothers: betterintwos

Snape (He's nocturnal.  And anti-social):  potionsmaster13
Andromeda (Shall give her a nudge!)

E-mail teraulia[at]yahoo[dot]com with any comments or questions.


From: betterintwos
2005-02-23 05:43 pm (UTC)

Ooh, I love answering things.

1. (Because blue is a primary color, whereas green is not.)

I was going to say 'eighty-seven'.

2. Gideon has six toes on one foot. Me? I'm a natural beauty. You don't get hair like this from beauty products, darling. Its allllll natural.

(Fabian also shaves his legs every morning. And he uses Herbal Essences products, if you wanted to know. Its the secret to everything involving man beauty.)

3. (Kill.)

Snog. Make babies, not war, precious.
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